Kinda Scraggly

Here's my beard, in its second month. #beardrank #jaycee'sbeard


  • beard Chris Meaux Peach Fuzz

    A face for radio, but a beard for the Intewebs!

  • beard Dawne Landry Long Peach Fuzz

    Alright, Jaycee, I was trying to vote for your beard and ended up almost entering this contest because I evidently chose the wrong button first go round. Hope you got my vote in the end!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  • beard Tia Lackey Peach Fuzz


  • beard Joy Pierce Peach Fuzz

    I used to have a crush on you when I was in 4th grade... You didn't have a beard then... But you do like nice with one. Good luck!!!

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